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David Ames Curtis: Takis Fotopoulos has simply made up an invidious scenario in his head and stated it as fact, without any support

David Ames Curtis, a close collaborator of Cornelius Castoriadis during the last 13 years of Castoriadis’s life, has been a professional translator of Castoriadisʼ works who is meticulously concerned about accuracy and clarity in the translations of Castoriadis, as well as about their availability to the general public. He is a person of high integrity, as I discovered by carefully examining a lot of evidence. Curtis’s dedication to furthering the “Autonomy Project” (as elucidated by, among others, Cornelius Castoriadis) as well as, more specifically, his desire and willingness to work wth others to provide the general public with free and reliable access to information about Castoriadisʼs writings and ideas so that members of the public may form their own judgments and formulate their own responses, can be easily verified by anyone bothering to read (very simple) evidence.

David Ames Curtis

David Ames Curtis

English: Cornelius Castoriadis

Takis Fotopoulos

Takis Fotopoulos

So, I recently contacted Mr. Curtis, to find out the truth about certain… strange allegations, hurled against him by Takis Fotopoulos. Those allegations were expressed as parts of a… ghastly e-mail I had received from Takis Fotopoulos recently (together with insults, slanderous abuse, implicit legal threats and a ridiculous threat of… incessantly harassing me, personally, till I “sue him” so that my… “real identity is revealed). An English translation of all this, together with other relevant facts (in English) was the topic of a previous post in my “Meta-blogging blog” (click here… for the beer).

Well, David Ames Curtis replied immediately, and then in more detail (after my English translations were verified).

I now feel satisfied that everything has been elucidated,  but I remain open to further rational, fact-based arguments.

The following e-mail messages, from Mr. Curtis express verifiable conclusions, that I also reached (but with important additional details that could only be provided by him), so I am reproducing them  here, by permission.

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